Causality is now accepting grant applications for Fall 2011!

Causality is now accepting applications for the 2011 Fall Causality Brand Grant. The application pdf is now available for download here.

Causality offers full and matching service grants to help nonprofits and good causes access our branding, marketing and interactive services at no or low cost. Our grants help organizations build capacity with dynamic and sustainable tools to help elevate their brand communications and enhance their ability to serve their constituents. Causality will select a minimum of three of organizations to receive these service grants—past awards have been ranged in value from $1,000 – $45,000.

The Causality Brand Grant provides the following:
• Brand Development and Messaging
• Marketing and Fundraising Communications
• Web Site Design and Development, Email Marketing and Social Media Integration

The Causality Brand Grant is available for a broad range of organizations that contribute to the greater good including 501(c)(3) nonprofits, social enterprises, education, faith-based and start-up nonprofits. Please share this information with anyone who may benefit from this grant.

Questions? Detailed answers to frequently asked questions are available in a simple FAQ format on our web site at

The grant application deadline is October 31, 2011. If you have and questions please contact me at 888-999-5592 extension 107 or

We look forward to receiving your application!


Grant opportunity – Fall 2010

The Causality Brand Grant

Causality is launching the Fall 2010 grant selection process. This Fall, Causality will select a minimum of three of organizations to receive full or matching service grants, valued at $1,000 – $10,000 or more that can be applied towards brand marketing and fundraising communications services with Causality. The Spring 2010 grantees included Humane Society of Central Texas, Childhood Stroke Network’s Pediatric Stroke Stroll, Romance in a Can Film Festival and

Are you looking for someone to:

  • Develop a clear brand strategy to help your organization have a greater impact?
  • Implement communications tools that connect and inspire action?
  • Maximize the effectiveness of online tools to reach out to your constituents?
  • Identify and connect with new donors in a relevant way?

A Causality Brand Grant may be used for:

  • Brand audit
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand/logo design and development
  • Marketing materials
  • Web site design and development with built in functional tools and SEO
  • e-marketing/social media tools and strategy
  • Event branding
  • Fundraising tools: appeal/annual fund/capital campaign materials

Grant applications are now being accepted until November 15, 2010.

To apply for a Causality Brand Grant visit


New event brand has special meaning to Causality


Steve Gaines Creative Director
We are pleased to reveal the event branding for the upcoming 9th Annual Family Retreat for Children’s Hemiplegia & Stroke Association (CHASA) to be held in Florence, Alabama. CHASA is the first non-profit organization in North America to offer information and support to families of infants, children, and young adults who have hemiplegia or hemiplegic cerebral palsy. This is our second year of branding this event and the organization has a special place in our hearts—one of our dear friend’s son, Evan, suffered a stroke shortly after birth. Evan is a vibrant, fun little guy who isn’t letting the effects of his stroke slow him down.


The Causality Brand Grant is now available!

It is essential non-profits have a strong brand that supports their mission, connects with their audience and enhances fundraising. Many non-profits don’t have the resources to develop and support 
their brands to their full potential. Causality offers both full and matching brand grants to allow non-profits to realize the full potential to develop their brands through strategy, brand development, graphic design, marketing and interactive services.

Register for the Causality Brand Grant application at

The Grant Types
Causality grants are designed to fulfill a specified need or needs within the range of marketing, branding, creative and interactive services provided by Causality. These grants are provided to 
non-profit organizations and other qualifying causes.

Causality will award one full grant and a minimum of three matching grants per granting period. Organizations may apply for one, or both types of grants in the same application.

Full grants. A full grant provides creative/marketing services at no cost to the organization for 
the entire scope of services requested.

Matching grants. A matching grant provides half of the value of creative/marketing services for 
the entire scope of services requested at no cost to the organization. These are grants awarded to 
an organization that is able to contribute or raise a sum equal to the value provided by Causality 
for the total of the entire scope of services requested.

Outside expenses such as the cost of placing and/or running advertisements , stock/custom 
photography, web hosting, printing and other hard costs are the responsibility of the organization.

Completed applications must be received no later than June 1, 2010. 
Late applications will not be accepted.

Grants will be announced July 1, 2010, and grant projects must be 
completed by December 15, 2010.


Looking to do good this holiday? Nine last minute gift ideas that give back!

Terri Gaines President
There’s no doubt about it, 2009 has been a tough year for most everyone. People are cutting back and changing their habits in ways experts believe will be long lasting, if not permanent.

Even as consumers are cutting back on unnecessary items and finding ways to scrimp and save, many of us are actually finding ways to give more whether it be time and talents or donations of goods or money. It seems that even as we experience these tough times, many of us are realizing that “as bad as it may be for me, there are others who have it worse.”

Maybe you’re taking groceries to the food bank or visiting homeless animals at the local shelter with your children.

Perhaps you’re like many people who want to do something good but don’t have a lot of time. May we suggest buying your holiday gifts where a portion of the price goes to a good cause?

The team at Causality has put together a list of a few ideas of a few of our favorite options for gift giving purchases that will benefit good causes. There’s still time to order and you’ll feel great about it, too!

1. Buy this cute bear and support post-adoption charities:

2. Order floral arrangements designed to benefit specific causes:

3. Buy gifts for friends human or fuzzy and help animals in need:

4. Adopt endangered or threatened wildlife:

5. Pottery Barn candle benefiting St. Jude’s:

6. La Madeleine “cause card” supporting the Susan G. Komen Foundation:

7. Sponsor a shelter for a dog:

8. If you’re looking for greater choice, you can name your cause, buy online from your usual stores and a percentage of your purchase is donated.

Or for the ultimate in spreading “good” give a subscription to GOOD magazine, you can even get a t-shirt and your name printed in the magazine.

We’re always looking for more great ideas for giving that we can share with our Causality friends. Please share your ideas below.

As always, do good, help others, go home happy!

Happy Holidays from Causality!


Sayles into the sunset

Steve Gaines Creative Director
With the ramp up of Causality I admit I have been out of the loop on news, so I was a little slow on the draw learning today that Sayles Graphic Design of Des Moines, Iowa closed up shop in September. While you may not be familiar with them, their work inspired, and to some extent, influenced me as a designer. I had the privilege of meeting John Sayles and Sheree Clark when they were speakers at a CASSA (Communications Arts Society of San Antonio) event many years ago. As an officer on the CASSA board I met some great design professionals but being able to talk with John was a profound moment for a (much younger) creative professional getting a business off the ground. I found we had a lot in common and saw a design idol as someone who dealt with the same issues that I did.

The economy didn’t sink them. They were still on the top of their game. It appears that John and Sheree had just reached a point where they were looking for something different, something to take them to a next phase in their lives. As someone who has recently wrestled with issues of a greater sense of purpose, I have to salute them for their decision.

However, the designer in me laments their moving on. Good luck John and Sheree.


Sustainability contradictions

Steve Gaines Creative Director
Last week I was at a trade show where we launched the Causality brand. The theme of the show was sustainability and the audiences were government agencies. Sustainability is something that I am passionate about so when I got the opportunity I strolled through the convention hall to see what the exhibitors were offering. The exhibitors were all over the spectrum, from completely organic cleaning products (I can still recite their sales pitch as if they were right next to us) to a company that produced custom police cruisers that are 40% more fuel-efficient and drive longer without maintenance.

But the thing that I found odd, amusing and sad all at the same time were the small things that seemed to contradict the show’s theme. I lost count of all the booths that just had piles of useless premiums—cheap foam stress balls and other plastic trinkets that were destined for the landfill in the not too distant future. Don’t get me wrong, I think any awareness we can bring to the issue of sustainability is a good thing, but the whole experience showed that in some circles the thought process has not yet come full circle. Even those who had ‘sustainable’ premiums seemed to have them by the truckload. Where was “reduce, reuse, recycle”?

Remember that sustainability goes beyond what recycled paper you may be using or what certifications your materials have. There are a myriad of ways you can maximize your project, thus maximizing your sustainability efforts. A good start would be develop audience profiles, telling a compelling story and building strong brand elements that communicate meaningfully with your audience and increase their commitment to you. These are all things we will expand on in future blog articles.

But enough about that—let me tell you about a great, food grade spray that will get out any odor and you could use as a breath spray in a bind. Really.


So what’s this all about?

Steve Gaines Creative Director
Hello and welcome to the Causality blog —our ongoing conversation about good work for good people. We started Causality with the belief that our creative and marketing talents are best used helping those who are doing good in the world. We’ve always felt this way—a large portion of our work has always been dedicated to non-profit, educational and governmental clients—but we now realize that it’s the cause-based work that really motivates us.

The signs have always been there to make this leap, but as my wife will point out, I don’t always recognize the obvious signs even if they are flashing in tacky neon in front of me. Many things have contributed to this moment but two things in particular have brought me to this point.

First, my wife Terri (president of Causality) and I adopted two boys from Kazakhstan. The whole process and experience showed me what a difference is needed in the world and that even my small efforts can make a big difference. Our two sons are constant reminders of how we can affect change in a big way and how much more needs to be done. When I look at my boys it always hardens my resolve to help make the world a better place.

Second, is the experience I have gained with age as well as now having a platform from which to affect change. It was difficult to capitalize on the idealism of my youth—what with trying to establish a career, make money, convincing my wife I was funny, not peculiar—all the things that consumes my younger years. Now, after quite some time in the business, I have the confidence to tackle the hard things in life. While always wanting to make a difference, I now feel I have all the tools available to promote change and help others more effectively than I could have a decade ago.

It is not enough to just work and exist. Causality exists to help others and to an extent is therapy for me. It’s just like the line at the bottom of our website says—Do good. Help others. Go home happy.


Welcome to Causality!

Hello, glad you made it to our blog. We are looking to add some new content here in the next few days, please check back with us then!