Looking to do good this holiday? Nine last minute gift ideas that give back!

Terri Gaines President
There’s no doubt about it, 2009 has been a tough year for most everyone. People are cutting back and changing their habits in ways experts believe will be long lasting, if not permanent.

Even as consumers are cutting back on unnecessary items and finding ways to scrimp and save, many of us are actually finding ways to give more whether it be time and talents or donations of goods or money. It seems that even as we experience these tough times, many of us are realizing that “as bad as it may be for me, there are others who have it worse.”

Maybe you’re taking groceries to the food bank or visiting homeless animals at the local shelter with your children.

Perhaps you’re like many people who want to do something good but don’t have a lot of time. May we suggest buying your holiday gifts where a portion of the price goes to a good cause?

The team at Causality has put together a list of a few ideas of a few of our favorite options for gift giving purchases that will benefit good causes. There’s still time to order and you’ll feel great about it, too!

1. Buy this cute bear and support post-adoption charities:

2. Order floral arrangements designed to benefit specific causes:

3. Buy gifts for friends human or fuzzy and help animals in need:

4. Adopt endangered or threatened wildlife:

5. Pottery Barn candle benefiting St. Jude’s:

6. La Madeleine “cause card” supporting the Susan G. Komen Foundation:

7. Sponsor a shelter for a dog:

8. If you’re looking for greater choice, you can name your cause, buy online from your usual stores and a percentage of your purchase is donated.

Or for the ultimate in spreading “good” give a subscription to GOOD magazine, you can even get a t-shirt and your name printed in the magazine.

We’re always looking for more great ideas for giving that we can share with our Causality friends. Please share your ideas below.

As always, do good, help others, go home happy!

Happy Holidays from Causality!


Sayles into the sunset

Steve Gaines Creative Director
With the ramp up of Causality I admit I have been out of the loop on news, so I was a little slow on the draw learning today that Sayles Graphic Design of Des Moines, Iowa closed up shop in September. While you may not be familiar with them, their work inspired, and to some extent, influenced me as a designer. I had the privilege of meeting John Sayles and Sheree Clark when they were speakers at a CASSA (Communications Arts Society of San Antonio) event many years ago. As an officer on the CASSA board I met some great design professionals but being able to talk with John was a profound moment for a (much younger) creative professional getting a business off the ground. I found we had a lot in common and saw a design idol as someone who dealt with the same issues that I did.

The economy didn’t sink them. They were still on the top of their game. It appears that John and Sheree had just reached a point where they were looking for something different, something to take them to a next phase in their lives. As someone who has recently wrestled with issues of a greater sense of purpose, I have to salute them for their decision.

However, the designer in me laments their moving on. Good luck John and Sheree.