• Logo development
• Identity packages
• Brand style guides

If you look credible people will see you that way. Strong brands are credible and relevant brands communicate in ways that connect and inspire. Didn’t your mom always say look your best and be successful?

• Newsletters
• Annual reports
• Marketing campaigns

Print is tangible. Print is viable. And, it should be part of your marketing strategy. Well designed print can be powerful and personal interactions with your audience. And yes, we have a soft spot in our heart for print.

• Direct mail campaigns
• Event branding
• Capital campaigns
• Membership materials

Okay, this is for all the money. Literally. You cannot afford to have fundraising materials that are flat and underachieve. Get more bang for your buck—or vice versa.

• Functional tools
• Simple to use CMS
• Search Engine Optimization

We believe in intelligently designed, easy to manage and affordable web sites. Call us crazy, but we also think people should be able to find your web site. And, we believe you should also be able to update your site without an advanced degree.

• Appeals
• e-newsletters
• Membership communications

Online communications are a quick and easy way of staying in contact with your audience.
Balancing what to say and when to say it is the difference between an e-xcellent campaign and an e-xasperating one.

• Wordpress/blog set-up
• Online video tools
• Social media strategy

Social media is constantly evolving. Learning how to harness it’s community building potential can be a challenge.
We build effective social media programs that are smart, relevant, cost effective—and will bring a :^) to your face.

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