We believe the most successful cancer patient is the informed cancer patient. We have a small library of materials, and a computer with Internet access, available in our waiting area for patients and family members. Our Mind-Body Medicine Department and patient navigator also are excellent resources for information and support.

While we take pride in being a source of education, advice and support, we encourage you to explore other opportunities to learn how to best travel your journey with cancer. Here are just a few links that might be helpful. We welcome your suggestions for other links to add to this list—click here to email your suggestions.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America
National Cancer Institute
American Cancer Society
Cancer Care
Cancer Lifeline

If you are exploring cancer treatment options for yourself or for a loved one, email or call us today at 206-FOR HOPE.

Medical oncology
Naturopathic oncology
Chinese medicine
Mind-body medicine
Care coordination

Our “Stories of Hope” video is sure to inspire you. Click on a link below to see and hear what hope means to some of our patients and health care providers.

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“Their mission statement is ‘we don’t treat cancer, we treat people who have cancer.’ That is in every breath, in every action. It’s in every notation on the chart. They’re fighting for you. They believe in you, not in the cancer."

Patient Rebecca Istvanko

“I know that I have a whole team on my side, treating my cancer, individually, for me and giving me the best possible means to beat cancer."

Patient Laura Rodriguez