A cancer diagnosis changes everything.

Suddenly, you are focused on one primary objective: surviving. You surround yourself with the very best health care and support teams who join you in striving toward that objective. And you move forward, forward, forward one day at a time.

In that singular journey, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by everything else that life throws at you. Other existing health issues. The day-to-day non-medical challenges that accompany a fight against cancer. And preparing physically and emotionally for life as a cancer survivor.

We take a unique, holistic approach to coordinating the physical, mental, emotional and practical issues of your cancer care. A full-time primary care physician is on staff to ensure that other health issues – such as diabetes or high blood pressure – do not complicate nor get neglected during your cancer care. By making a primary care physician (also called a general practitioner) a part of your cancer care team, we can help ensure overall good health during your treatment and when you transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor.

Another aspect of our care coordination is our “patient navigator” – someone who will not only help you understand our clinic’s services, but be a champion and advocate who will help you navigate all the other overwhelming issues that go along with a cancer diagnosis. Things like insurance coverage, drug benefits and employment rights, or where to find emotional or financial support – whatever you need to ease your stress and help you focus on your treatment.

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