It’s the concept of “integrative cancer care” that makes all the difference to patients and families who come to Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center.

"Integrative care” means much more than offering a variety of innovative treatments and services under one roof. It’s more than just a team approach to care, more than making the patient an integral part of the decision making process.

Here, integrative care is as much about the people involved in your treatment and how they work together as it is about the protocol of your treatment. It means that your providers are working together as a team on every aspect of your journey with cancer, during their treatment and beyond. So, you won’t just find doctors and nurses at our clinic. You’ll find a full-time “patient navigator”—someone who will not only help you understand our clinic’s services, but be a champion and advocate who will help you navigate all the other overwhelming issues that go along with a cancer diagnosis. Things like insurance coverage, drug benefits and employment rights, or where to find emotional or financial support – whatever you need to ease your stress and help you focus on your treatment.

Another innovative part of our integrative care model was the addition in the fall of 2007 of a full-time primary care physician. A cancer diagnosis often becomes all-consuming for patients and their cancer care providers. Other medical issues, like diabetes or high blood pressure, take a back seat. The side effects of chemotherapy might mask some health concerns. Even general health, especially nutrition, gets neglected. By making a primary care physician (also called a general practitioner) a part of your cancer care team, we can help ensure overall good health during your treatment and when you transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor.

We also offer a full-time mind-body medicine practitioner to help you harness the affects of your mind, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs to benefit your physical health and well-being. Through techniques such as deep breathing, guided imagery, relaxation therapy, meditation, laughter and yoga, mind-body medicine helps you direct your energies toward healing and health.

And finally, our affiliation with Cancer Treatment Centers of America gives our patients access to a nationwide network of full-service regional medical centers specializing in innovative cancer care and complementary therapies.

Coordination of care. Collaboration of care providers. Complementary therapies. Cutting-edge oncology. That’s integrative cancer care at Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center.

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