The vitamins and herbs prescribed by the clinic’s naturopathic physicians and Chinese medicine practitioners are of the highest possible quality and available for purchase right here at Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center.

Unlike commercially available supplements which may contain fillers or contaminants, those sold at the clinic come from suppliers and companies chosen for their quality. Our doctors have also subjected the suppliers to rigorous quality control evaluation and verification.

Store-bought supplements can be tainted with heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and other contaminants due to poor quality control and the use of cheap materials. A recent survey of more than 1,200 supplements by Consumer found one out of four to be contaminated or sub-potent.

Of the suppliers the clinic uses, many are “professional only” lines that sell exclusively to pharmacies and physicians. These companies can often sell higher potency products than are available to the general public.

Another benefit to having physician-prescribed products is that the clinic can avoid charging sales tax, saving patients a substantial amount on their vitamin budgets.