Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center’s naturopathic physicians are among the first in the nation to pass rigorous exams and standards to become Board-certified as naturopathic oncologists. As trained and experienced specialists in a holistic, natural approach to cancer care, they work side by side with the clinic’s medical oncologists and other health care providers to help create a uniquely integrative and personal treatment plan for each patient.

The goal of naturopathic medicine is to create a healthy environment both inside and outside the body. This is especially significant for people with cancer. Naturopathic medicine makes use of time-tested, scientifically grounded, natural methods to strengthen the body’s ability to heal itself. The goals of naturopathic medicine for people undergoing cancer treatment are to:

Support normal metabolism during treatment
Help you decrease and manage the side effects of medical treatment
Boost your body’s immune system
Provide strategies for long-term cancer prevention and health maintenance
Improve energy, well-being and overall quality of life

Our naturopaths also can work with you to help you stay nutritionally fortified – one of the most positive ways to take control of your life and your well-being. Optimal nutrition allows your body to function at its best. Maintaining optimal nutrition can provide several benefits for people living with cancer, including:

Support immune function
Preserve lean body cell mass
Rebuild body tissue
Decrease your risk of infection
Improve strength and increase energy
Improve your tolerance to treatment
Help you recuperate faster after treatment
Improve quality of life

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